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Better than yesterday.

What is Delta Athletica?

Delta Athletica is a Sydney based Exercise Physiology practice offering services in Rehabilitation, High Performance Training and Combat Training. Our vision is to help individuals maximise their physical potential and to help today be better than yesterday for our clients.

Delta's services are centred around the convenience of our clients. We base sessions around locations of the choosing of our clients and accomodate for their own preferences when attending our services. Patients are our priority at Delta Athletica. We'll never compromise on a client's wellbeing or progress for profit.


  • Return to Work

  • Return to Sport
  • Post / Pre Operative Rehab

High Performance Training

  • Athletic development

  • Scientifically backed personal training

Combat Training

  • Boxing

  • Muay thai

  • Self defence

What our clients are saying

Delta Athletica's high performance training sessions have been extremely helpful in my sports and athletics. I've been able to improve so much physically and see progress in my athletic capabilities. Nate caters so well and puts so much effort into making sure that we achieve the progress I'm looking for at a rate I'm sure no other EP could offer. 

—  Brendan

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